PARABOND® M4600 SOLV-FREE Vinyl-Backed Floor Covering Adhesive. 
A premium latex adhesive designed to permanently install vinyl backed goods over porous and non-porous subfloors. Provides an excellent permanent bond and superior resistance to plasticizer migration. 

PARABOND® M4323 SOLV-FREE Resilient Floor Adhesive. 
A premium latex adhesive specially formulated for use with mineral fibrous felt backed sheet goods over suspended, on-grade or below-grade floors. Meets all the requirements for a Class A Flame Spread rating.

PARABOND® M4269 SOLV-FREE Clear Thin Spread Floor Tile Adhesive.
A clear, thin spread high solid, quality latex adhesive designed for VCT and asphalt tile.

A latex adhesive formulated for the installation of stair treads, radial rubber tile and rubber sheet goods.



Install with PARABOND and you're installing with confidence. Now standing behind every gold series adhesive is not only the PARQABOND name, but our exclusive five year no-nonsence warranty. The bottom line - our Gold Series adhesives are guaranteed not to stain or break down for five years. Now you have one more reason to rely on PARABOND.


PermaBase is traditionally utilized as an underlayment or backing surface for interior and exterior applications. It is ideally suited for interior high moisture areas, such as tub and shower enclosures, around sinks and garden tubs, swimming and whirlpool decks, and a variety of other applications. PermaBase can also be used as an underlayment for exterior soffit panels and other sheathing devices. 
PermaBase is constructed of a cementitious core sandwiched between two layers of fiber mesh. It is the only product in the industry with its proprietary double wrapped edge with EdgeTech technology (patent pending). This superior design provides the best edge for workability, durability and stability in the industry.